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June 07, 2022 3 min read

We know that dentists offer some whitening methods in the market. And one of them may require the use of a teeth whitening pen.

Having a quick and effective action, Teeth whitening pen is normally applied twice a day, 

Whitening can be done in the dental office, using a laser, or at home, using trays and bleaching gel or a teeth whitening pen. However, all cases must be supervised by the dentist.


Teeth whitening pen is a home whitening method.


Teeth whitening pen is a kind of plastic tube that houses a whitening gel. It's small enough to carry wherever you want. Its objective is to improve the color of the teeth, removing stains on their surface.


Results usually start with the first application, becoming effective over time. So, it is necessary to be patient and apply it according to the expert's guidelines.


Composition of the Teeth Whitening Pen:

The main agent in the whitening pen is carbamide peroxide, which is the same material placed in the trays when the patient does home whitening.


Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea during the process. And the responsible for bleaching is hydrogen peroxide.


A bleaching product that contains about 10% carbamide peroxide, for example, produces approximately 3.5% hydrogen peroxide.


Tooth whitening happens because of the reaction of peroxide, which breaks down, releasing oxygen into the enamel. But other components stimulate this activity, such as glycerin, Carbopol, and sodium hydroxide.


Teeth whitening pen ease:

Teeth are easily stained by ingested food, such as wine and coffee, or by habits practiced, such as smoking.


And the teeth whitening pen fights these stains with practicality, as its size allows you to carry it inside the bag without any inconvenience.


The application of the product takes a few seconds. It is important to avoid eating or drinking for at least an hour not to disturb the procedure.


Teeth Whitening Pen Price:

The pen price is around $29.95, depending on the manufacturer and the store. In addition, it can be found in pharmacies.


Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of the product is very high. Of all the options, it is the most affordable and has one of the most uncomplicated applications.


Compared with the other methods to get an idea, laser whitening usually costs $ 800.00 to $ 1000.00, and with a tray, from $ 400.00.


How to use the Tooth Whitening Pen?

The use of the teeth whitening pen is very simple! See the step by step below:


  • First, do a perfect brushing;
  • Then, dry the surface of the tooth;
  • Shake the pan for a few seconds and remove the cap;
  • Turn the other end until the tip of the pen is covered with the gel;
  • Apply the gel to the surface of the tooth;
  • Wait for the product to dry;
  • Avoid contact of the product with the gum;
  • Finally, don't eat or drink anything for an hour.

Generally, the application of the product is daily, performed twice a day. But it can vary according to the dentist's recommendations, who will identify the patient's needs.

Do teeth whitening pens work

If you have a busy routine and don't have time to go to the office to do the laser treatment, the dental whitening pen is a great option for you. You can use it when you wake up and before bed, without disturbing your day!