August 01, 2022 5 min read

It's not just young people who are looking for braces to straighten their smiles. However, whether for professional, aesthetic reasons, or even for practicality, it is natural to see the adult population seeking more discreet orthodontic treatment options that do not require a complex maintenance routine, and also alternatives to braces. With that in mind, in this post, we have separated 3 braces alternatives for the adult audience.


Clear Aligners: the most innovative trend when it comes to transforming your smile

To start our list of options other than braces, let's talk about clear aligners. If you are looking for a perfect smile, but you don't like fixed braces, either for aesthetic reasons or even because you find the maintenance and care process with the braces difficult, clear aligners are an innovation in the dental industry that is revolutionizing the way correct tooth alignment problems.

Produced from transparent materials, the aligners are a plate that covers the teeth and, in addition to being very discreet, offers another series of advantages for patients who are looking for the most advanced in orthodontic treatments.

 All this without changing the appearance of your smile during use.
One of the main reasons for the search for clear aligners is the aesthetic gains. Practically imperceptible, aligners correct the alignment of teeth without drawing attention to the treatment, thus giving patients more confidence and self-esteem in their daily lives. In addition, because they are easily removable, patients will have no problem brushing, cleaning or eating!



CERAMIC BRACES are braces alternative. Unlike other techniques that also involve invisible orthodontic appliances, such as treatment with aligners, in ceramic appliances, all cases can be treated.


Even in situations that are more complex, it does not bring any type of restriction. In this way, it not only promotes an improvement in aesthetics with dental food but a correlation between the dental arches.


This is a very important detail since it promotes a correction that is very functional, especially in adults who often already have other symptoms due to inadequate occlusions, for example.


Still, the main difference is in an important detail: the bracket. It is the piece that is placed and fixed on the tooth. Despite being the same size, the material that makes up each type of device is different.


In this way, the aesthetics of the two materials differ. The ceramic one is more opaque and resembles the color of the tooth. The metal one is already more flashy.

While the metallic bracket is formed by an alloy of metals, the ceramic bracket, also called polycrystalline ceramic, is, as its name implies, formed by a ceramic alloy.

It is basically an agglutination of ceramic crystals, which are responsible for the whitish color and without much translucency.

The sapphire bracket, for example, is characterized by a carved ceramic crystal, so it brings greater translucency and also transparency to the pieces.

That is, the aesthetics of the two materials differ. The ceramic one is more opaque and resembles the color of the tooth. The metal one is already more flashy.


Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces are alternative to braces for teeth alignment. The lingual appliance is considered a type of orthodontic appliance that is invisible to other people, as its structure is placed on the back of the teeth to correct deviations in the growth and development of the dentition.

Its mechanism of action is the same as that of fixed orthodontic appliances, where the wires enter the brackets (parts of the appliance) and promote the movement of the teeth. The difference is that these brackets are positioned on the back of the teeth, allowing the patient's smile to remain natural even during the time of use of the device.

This modality of Orthodontics is not a novelty in dental offices, but it appears as a great option for those patients who wish to align their smile without compromising its appearance during treatment.

Most of the time, this type of accessory takes the same treatment time as the traditional one, even faster in some cases due to its biomechanics.



Removable retainers are alternatives to braces for adults, made in a personalized way and measured in reference to the oral cavity of the patient. They are usually made using transparent splints, so they are also considered aesthetic, but not completely imperceptible like the previous one. They are located in both jaws, resembling the structure and composition of the treatment. 


Why are Clear Aligners the Best Alternative to Braces for Adults?

Fixed appliances are used to treat imperfections and misalignments in the dental arch. This is the most common technique and best known to patients and dentists. Although they offer a great result, fixed ones can generate some annoyance, whether aesthetic or hygienic.

 With that in mind, the dentistry market innovated and created the transparent aligner, better known as the clear aligner.


Recommended in practically 50% of cases, the transparent device is removable and comfortable. It is only 0.75mm thick and does not impose any dietary restrictions on patients.


The clear aligners is also known as an invisible aligner and works like a traditional device: its main objective is to align imperfections of the dental arcade. It is produced from materials such as clear acetate so that it is imperceptible.


Unlike traditional braces ( You can read the differences Invisalign vs Braces ), this alignment technique is not fixed and has plates that cover the teeth, providing greater comfort and facilitating teeth hygiene.

In addition, they are practically imperceptible. With all these attributes, the invisible aligner is a great aesthetic option for children and adults.

Unlike conventional appliances, it does not interfere with brushing or flossing and prevents food from accumulating. It doesn't add volume and doesn't bother the cheek, lip or tongue.


What Is the Most Cost-Effective Braces Alternative?

There are many brand offering cost-effective braces alternatives. But Designer Aligners is one of the best.


Designer aligners: the alternative to traditional fixed braces

 If we go back in time, twenty years ago, we cannot talk about alternatives to braces to straighten teeth and improve the smile. But nowadays, the advancement of science, medicine and technology allows us to have more options and alternatives to improve the appearance of our smile.

One of the best alternatives to fixed orthodontic treatment is Clear aligners. This type of orthodontics is made with a special transparent plastic so that patients can complete their treatment in an almost imperceptible way. In addition, they are removable, comfortable and very easy to clean.


Why choose Designer Aligners?

At Designer Aligners, we are specialists in this type of orthodontics. If you want to align your smile with the best professionals contact us. We will give you all the information about our orthodontic treatments.