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October 21, 2019 1 min read

Great Smiles That Won’t Break The Bank


Step 1

Email us 5 photos of your teeth and we’ll advise you if you're suitable for our cosmetic aligners.

Step 2

Purchase your DIY impression kit from our online store.

Step 3

Send us your impressions and we’ll design your new smile for you and email you a 3D simulation to show how your new smile will look.

Step 4

After you give us your approval, we fabricate your aligners and you can begin your smile journey from the comfort of your own home, no visits to a dentist.

You can expect to be done in 5-7 months because we only correct your front teeth.

Most busy people prefer this approach and pricing is around $2,299 payable over an interest free period.

Great Smiles That Won't Break The Bank - Designer Aligners

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Who are Designers Aligners?

We are a local business with 35 years industry experience.

Our team of experts provide you with the highest quality direct to consumer invisible aligners at an amazingly low price.

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