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October 11, 2019 1 min read

The Importance Of Your Smile Assessment Photos

There Are 3 Types Of Photos We Require:


Pre-treatment photos provide us with an understanding of your smile goals.


Monthly progress shots enable us to track your alignment treatment and make any alterations if necessary.

The Finish Line

Photos of your final result helps to ensure your goals have been achieved as well as allowing us to design your retainers.

The Importance of Your Smile Assessment Photos

Show Us Your Smile!

We like to be able to see your teeth from either side and front on whilst you have your teeth together and lips apart.

Why is it important to take quality teeth pics?

  • Good photos help us to identify often overlooked issues
  • Gum disease and grinding problems can be treated prior to receiving your aligners and that will protect your investment
  • Missing teeth can assist the speed with which we are able to correct crowding - if missing teeth aren’t evident from your photos, it can hinder your treatment progress
  • Our treatment co-ordinators can do a better job designing your new smile with great photos, the more information we have the faster your treatment
  • Our 3D simulation is unique to you, quality photos help to achieve your desired outcome

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