BiteSoft Night Guard


Features of the BiteSoft® Night Guard:

  • patented
  • FDA approved
  • BPA free
  • dual shell with soft inner layer for maximum comfort
  • only needs to cover your front 6-8 teeth
  • no dental visits
  • for nighttime wear only

Take your own impressions at home, return to us and we will fabricate your own customised splint!

What's included:

  • custom made BiteSoft® Night Guard 
  • teeth impression kit valued at US$70
  • express postage - including impression return and splint delivery (within the USA, Australia and New Zealand) 

      Add our Appliance Cleansing Foam for only $20

      The BiteSoft® Night Guard is the single most important and cost effective insurance you can have to protect you from:

      • excessive tooth wear
      • broken teeth
      • tension headaches
      • damage to expensive fillings, veneers and crowns 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Judy Natale
      So far, so good

      This product is well-made and fits to a T. I have become accustomed to its feel in my mouth and know that my side teeth are spared the nightly grind.

      Jessica Treadway
      Best night guard ever!!

      I am currently using my second Bite Soft night guard, and I love it. The first Bite Soft night guard I owned was recommended by my dentist. I was with a new dentist by the time I needed a new one and I insisted that it be a Bite Soft night guard because I loved the first one so much. Not only does it eliminate my jaw problems from clenching and grinding, but it is sooo comfortable. It is unlike any of the other night guards I've owned. There's something soothing about the soft inner layer of a guard. Its hard for me to go to sleep when I forget it! You will not regret buying this night guard.

      Belinda Dobbins
      Here’s hoping for headache relief!

      It worked last night, so happy to wake up feeling great!