May 28, 2022 3 min read

Many teens and adults suffer from misaligned teeth and sometimes, in the case of adults, even though they wore braces during their teens. However, this situation is not surprising; it is common for the teeth to move again. There are invisible aligners, which are a modern form of dental correction, to accommodate them again.

 Aesthetic orthodontics for adults is innovative and within reach of your pocket. Getting back straight teeth is possible at any age.


What are the causes of crooked teeth?

The wrong position of the teeth can have genetic causes or be caused by external influences. Often, factors and habits at a young age can cause a deformity. 

These include, for example, crooked teeth from the pacifier, when the tongue presses on the front teeth, teeth grinding, sucking thumbs or chewing pencils. Wisdom teeth can also be responsible for teeth shifting in adulthood.


Consequences of having crooked teeth:

Crooked or misaligned teeth can cause several problems:

  • Oral hygiene can be affected by crowding, for example, since the spaces between the teeth cannot be easily cleaned with dental floss and this can result in swollen gums or tooth decay.
  • An overbite can make it difficult to bite or chew. In addition, the incisors are not sufficiently washed with saliva, which increases the risk of caries. Correction of an overbite should be considered in both teens and adults.
  • A crossbite can impair chewing and even speaking. This is due to the unilateral load, both on the teeth and jaw. A crossbite treatment can prevent tooth and jaw wear and pain.


How to Correct Teeth without Traditional braces?

An aligner for dental correction is one of the most discreet forms of orthodontics in adults. Clear Aligners offer the opportunity to fulfil the dream of having beautiful teeth, even in the middle of your professional life.

DESIGNER ALIGNERS specializes in the most modern form of dental correction and helps you smile with confidence. You no longer need braces to have straight teeth. Invisible orthodontics using removable aligners is one of the most aesthetic orthodontic solutions.


  • Our patients' experience with invisible orthodontics is tremendously positive since it is a way to align the teeth without anyone noticing that you are performing the treatment.
  • The transparent splints can be removed and put on, which is a tremendous advantage for adult patients who want to wear orthodontics and combine it with their schooling or professional lives.


How can Crooked Teeth be Corrected?

To correct the wrong position of your teeth, there are several options, it all depends on the type and complexity. Not all bad positions can be treated with the same method.

If you want to straighten your crooked teeth it is now possible with clear aligners subject to correct diagnosis and the complexity of each individual case.

If our experts believe you are not a suitable candidate for aligners we will advise you to see an orthodontist. At DESIGNER ALIGNERS, we always provide this service.


Clear Aligner price to correct crooked teeth:

The price to straighten your crooked teeth depends on the difficulty of your case. Our standard treatment fee at Designer Aligners is only $2,299.00 and takes, on average, six months to complete. We have four interest-free payment options, including AfterPay and 6, 12 or 24-month payment plans.