July 29, 2022 2 min read

  1. First trial the trays to work out the correct positioning before you heat up the material.
  2. The tray handle should be in line with the center of your face.
  3. Use your fingers to gently pull one corner of your lips away from the tray to allow easy insertion then place the tray in your mouth one side at a time,
  4. Dont try to place the tray straight in as it may impinge on the corners and/or the front of your lips.
  5. Your lips should be completely over the tray.
  6. Ensure when seating the tray that you apply equal pressure to your back and front teeth.
  7. You are after a position where your teeth sit in the middle of the tray, the tray “trough” is your guide.
  8. Its important not to move the tray once you have placed it firmly over your teeth.
  9. Dont remove the tray too early, stick to the recommended time or a fraction more.
  10. Remove the upper tray by pressing down on the edge of one side then the other to loosen it, lift the lower tray off in the same manner.
  11. Email us clear, bright photos of the inside of each tray so we can check them before you ship to our laboratory.
  12. We want to ensure we can see your gum line front and back of at least your front 8 teeth.

Remember, you can redo your impressions as many times as you need to by reheating the material and folding it back into the tray, avoid creating voids if you have to do this.

Wait until it’s hard again then reheat.
You can buy the Teeth Impression kit on our website.