September 10, 2022 5 min read

What is Snaggle tooth, and how to treat them?

A snaggle tooth is one that grows unaligned with the rest of the placement. It is possible that a person may have only one unaligned tooth or many crooked teeth. People tend to apply metal braces or other treatments to get them to straighten.

It is because even a single nonaligned tooth can disturb the placement of other teeth. People with multiple snaggle teeth are more likely to opt for metal braces as they seem more effective and give lasting effects.

Snaggle teeth are often considered a damaging personality factor that can brutally drain a person's confidence. On the other side, some find it incredible, as we see in Japan, where people like it to have crooked teeth.

Let's read about a snaggle tooth and how it is treated.


A Definitive Guide about Snaggle Tooth

As explained earlier, a single unaligned, protruding, twisted, or concave tooth is often referred to as a Snaggle tooth. It is eventually considered as extra teeth or an overcrowded jaw.

It is a good fortune that a single snaggle tooth can be straightened up directly or with precisely placed braces or metal wires. Veneers, Clear Aligners, metal Braces, etc., are preferred for crowded teeth. They are highly effective as they take some time to rearrange all the teeth in alliance with the jaw slowly.


Potential issues caused by a single snaggle teeth

A single unaligned tooth can disturb a perfect pearly smile. Adversely, some people find a snaggle tooth absolutely fine. So, if we link unaligned teeth merely to appearance, then it completely depends on one's personal choice.

On the other side, a snaggle tooth can also ruin your oral health condition. It can gradually disturb the placement of another tooth by growing inward for space adjustment.

Also, sometimes, a crook tooth causes friction that can damage the mouth or cause other oral issues. In these cases, it often becomes impossible not to treat these snaggle teeth.


What may cause a Snaggle Tooth?

A snaggletooth my project because of less room for another tooth which causes a rush in there. It results in adjustment between tooth spaces.

The core reasons could be that you have a slim mouth roof, overcrowded teeth, or any single twisted teeth. This all may be because of any sort of disturbance in premature teeth placement.

Some assorted reasons that are identified for crooked, overcrowded, or twisted teeth are;

  • Thumb sucking
  • Disturbing Premature teeth with tongue
  • Earlier teeth loss
  • Smaller mouth roof or extra teeth
  • A big-sized teeth


Potential issues caused by snaggle teeth.

Snaggle teeth can interfere with maintaining good oral health and can gradually disturb the correct placement of other teeth by growing out of proper alignment.

The latest way to treat Snaggle teeth and improve your smile.

Designer aligner clear aligner

Clear plastic aligners are an excellent option to straighten your smile.

They are effective, comfortable, economical, produce lasting results and are almost invisible.

Treating snaggle teeth  with our custom made clear BPA freealigners are a great way to enhance your smile in a short space of time.

The pros are:

  • Removable: Our Clear Aligners are completely removable. You can remove them while eating, drinking, or brushing.
  • Stain-free: Our clear aligners are only worn for 2 weeks per set so they will not stain with normal care.
  • Nearly invisible: Our Clear Aligners are discrete and are virtually invisible.
  • Effective results: Our custom-made Clear Aligners can be an effective solution to treat snaggle teeth as you can expect to be in treatment for only 6-8 months.
  • Comfortable: Our top quality Clear Aligners are incredibly comfortable due to the material thinness.



The appropriate way to treat Snaggle tooth is to straighten up the smile

The befitting way of treating an unaligned tooth can vary on multiple factors. And it is always better to go to any Dentist to ask for a suggestion. If you don't feel satisfied with one direction, you may go for another one.

Other factors are the intensity of the displaced tooth and the age of the person. If a person has many unaligned teeth, treating them with metal braces or clear Aligners are better.

Clear plastic aligners are another excellent option to straighten a smile, and it wins in the first place because of their effectiveness, comfortableness, lasting results, economical prices, and discretion.


1. Ceramic or Metallic Braces

Metallic or plastic braces are composed of ligature elastic: bonding material and archwire. The mere point where they differ is brackets that are either metallic or ceramic.

Another factor distinguishing metallic braces from others is that they are quite a big commitment, and they adhere permanently. The only time it is touched is when you go to your orthodontist for snaggle tooth treatment. It is also a time-taking treatment, but it gives lasting results. Also, they feel a little pesky.

These braces aren't removable, and you must not feel bothered for your smile full of metallic wires for at least one year. It seems a little too long for a single snaggle tooth, and people usually don't prefer this time-taking process.


2. Veneers

Veneers  are made of Porcelain or composite material custom-made per the tooth structure of the potential carrier and are expensive. They are considered beneficial when the person has two crooked teeth or slightly damaged snaggle teeth.

They cover the damage as the tooth is completely covered with this Porcelain pack which refrains any further damage. Porcelain Veneers last for almost 15 years, while the one with composite material lasts for 7 years. After that, one needs to change it.


3. Tooth Contouring

It is another treatment for slightly protruded snaggle teeth.  It is pretty inexpensive. In that procedure, the dentist usually shaves the crooked teeth and makes them balanced with the size and shape of others to straighten up the smile.

4. Clear Aligners

Treating snaggle teeth with plastic-made clear aligners is the most suitable way to enhance your smile within some months. You can also read a about clear aligners and what they cost.  With the convenience of no age factor involved, these Clear Aligners are also removable.

When approved by the orthodontist, one can also carry on the treatment, all while staying inside their comfort zone.

Also, they are highly in-demand, where people of adult age prefer Clear Aligners as you don't need to visit the doctors regularly as there are no routine checkups.

Some other factors that add to their popularity are;

  • Removable:Clear Aligners are entirely removable. The carrier can remove them while eating, drinking, or brushing.
  • Stain-free:These Clear Aligners can be protected from stains are they can be cleared.
  • Nearly invisible:These clear Aligners are incredibly discrete and are virtually invisible.
  • Effective results:Clear Aligners can be a very effective solution to treat snaggle tooth as you can treat it within a few months.
  • Comfortable: These Clear Alignersare incredibly comfortable as they are not weighty nor visible. Also, they can be reapplied conveniently.


As we have discussed in detail, there are multiple ways to treat snaggle teeth.  The rest depends on the number of crooked teeth, condition of oral health, personal preferences, and budget. One needs to be patient for long-staying results.